My Slice of Heaven

This post is the result of a whirlwind 1.5 month bedroom redesign, all inspired by the Ines yarn-dyed linen duvet set from Area Home. This is (sadly) not a paid endorsement by Area… how I’d love to be treated to premium bedding!

Area Ines duvet set

After finalizing the duvet, I realized that it didn’t go with anything in our room except for the navy blackout draperies. None of our old furniture could hold a candle to the organic beauty of the light grey/blue/charcoal gradient or the luxurious linen. So everything had to go!

I sold all of our bedroom furniture on Craigslist, KonMari’d our clothes and donated 4 trash bags full to a local church, and built/assembled everything but the dresser. I sourced furniture and accessories on weekends and weekdays at 2 a.m. A bit ironic that I lost so much sleep working on our bedroom, but I’ve been beautifying so many other clients’ bedrooms over the years and wanted a special one of my own. I am pleased with how it came together, and I think Fig is too. It is impossible to get him out of bed!

Bushwick bedroom

My goals for the space were to let the beautiful architecture shine, and to feel like I am jumping into a cloud after a long day. I chose clean-lined and pretty neutral furniture. I limited the statement-making pieces to the duvet set and the dresser.

I painted the watercolors above our bed and the t.v. in an Architectural Watercolor class I took at Drexel. Steve Bonitatibus was a very inspiring and captivating professor who is also a great architect. He is old school (I’m talking ink ruling pen), but he was surprisingly okay with lasercutting watercolor paper instead of spending countless hours drafting by hand before even laying down paint. These two paintings were for my thesis: a dorm and recital hall for opera students. I had them framed in a whitewashed maple at a frame shop in Bushwick, 567 Framing. I recommend them to everyone!

I needed a workspace but didn’t want it to take up much visual weight, so I kept it all white and airy. The CB2 wall-mounted desk is white lacquer with white steel and it rocks! It’s super well made and heavy. The chairs in our room are Risom-inspired, but they sit a bit low so I need a cushion. The file cabinet from IKEA was HORRIBLE to build. I put the first drawer together incorrectly and I had to use pliers, a hammer, and my feet as a grip to get the sides off. I thought I’d have to buy a new cabinet just to get a new drawer.

The bed is so beautiful! It is upholstered in a light oatmeal fabric, but it came with terrible stumpy chunky chocolate legs. I switched them out with some tapered teak legs from Pretty Pegs. I didn’t think of the mattress supports underneath.. so I had to give those height by duct-taping furniture sliders and chipboard. Super jury-rigged but nobody can see them!

Our 10 p.m. “I NEED A BED!” Home Depot invention.

We needed a floor lamp by the mirror, but the space is super tight. I hunted for narrow floor lamps for a while and then found a great wall plug lamp by Feltmark on Design Boom. Whoever invented that is a genius! The long “painting” with the guitar case underneath is a lovely vinyl wallpaper sample from Black Crow Studios. I’d love to use their dramatic wallpapers in a bedroom alcove, powder room, or entry someday.

Here’s a detail from the dresser, and this is my side of the bed. Our floor is polished concrete which looks lovely but is FREEZING in the fall/winter. I got a simple grey kilim to blend into the floor and topped it off with a sheepskin, because who doesn’t want to sink their feet into coziness when they wake up.

Our nightstands are a dark grey lacquer with soft-closing drawers, which are awesome. Never had soft-close drawers before, but they are great for couples who wake up at different times. On the topic of sleep, I read a pro tip from a design magazine that nightstand lamps should have switches on the cords since they’re easier to turn off when you’re half-asleep than standard lamps.

Here is a detail of the 3d model I made in grad school for a sound-wave inspired retreat. 567 Framing put some wood and picture wire on the back, and I hung it above my desk. Those guys are so awesome – they also put glue on my model since it was falling apart.

This is my partner’s side of the bed. He gets sheepy dubs (that’s what we call it) and a white noise machine.

Here are details of my workspace. The white lacquer tray, magazine bins, and hanging file folder are from Poppin. I put my desk accessories on top of the printer since I don’t use the scanner very often. I have a natural wood stapler and pen holder from Kikki-K, a beautiful green ceramic tape dispenser by Kahler, and fun coasters from Areaware. The board above my computer is a magnetic bulletin board. On the top shelf I have a bowl my beau and I made and glazed at The Clay Studio in Philly for our 4 year anniversary, an aloe plant out of Fig’s reach, and a basil-scented candle.

That’s a wrap! Time for a nap with Mr. Fig :).


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