Roundup: Gold & Brass Hardware




gold hardware

The gold-toned and brass hardware trend isn’t stopping anytime soon. I first noticed it in Elle Decor and Apartment Therapy about 3-4 years ago and it’s everywhere now! Here are 8 glam knobs and pulls that will transform your simple cabinetry. You can use door knockers (#2 & 6) or coat hooks (#7) to make a bigger statement.

1. Michael Aram bee knob, $5.48
2. 4″ door knocker ring, $59
3. Nest Studio brass & acrylic pull, $90
4. M Spring Hardware Mod Circle knob, $68
5. Asian hourglass knob, $2.29
6. Omnia hexagon door knocker ring, $75.75
7. 5″ brass button wall hook, $39
8. Lewis Dolin brass bars, 5-24″ $11.25-50.40

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